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I just saved 21

I Just…

I just saved three lives between Biology and English class. What did you do?

This ad attempts to illustrate a link between being social and having fun with giving blood. Saving lives is a cool thing to do!

Donating blood is a way to give back that does not really cost you a thing.

Check out their http://www.redcrossblood.org or
thier Facebook page for more information

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Virgin Mobile is a subsection of the Virgin Brand. This brand includes radio stations, airlines, retailers, broadband ISPs, mobile phones, loans, life insurance and over another dozen more industries. So why would a company as huge as Virgin select Lady GaGa to represent them? Well when searching for the right faces for the company Virgin stayed true to their core brand values. They include fun, quality, innovation, competitive challenge, value of money, and brilliant customer service. Lady GaGa is fun. She produces a quality product and continues to be innovative. Lady GaGa values money as way to help others and is very interactive performer. Virgin is always trying to gain attention and push the perverbial envelop. Lady GaGa is very controversial but is on the fore-front of music and brand awareness within the industry. She is not known having a “bad girl” image but she is not thought of as that clean cut “girl next door” either. Since partnering with her Virgin Mobile has increased significantly people’s awareness. I did not even realize that they had a cell phone section until I learned about the tour. Every ticket reads Virgin Mobile Presents… Additionally people wear airline wings in the lobby and help people with a captain’s hat. The actual events (performances) are a marketing dream for Virgin. The Virgin brand is plastered everywhere and was interactive. Virgin is a strong brand because they are willing to take risks and see the potential in such situations. By: Amiti Maloy

Consol Energy is a coal company. This is an industry that is not currently always viewed in a positive light. While the coal heats homes, helps the local population with employment, it is often viewed as dangerous and undesirable. People think of the work conditions as not as desirable as some jobs. The also have to face the opposition by green supporters who believe coal companies are destroying the environment. Coal companies use mountain top removal which completely removes ecosystems. The current drilling process also produces fracwater which is very eco-unfriendly.
Consol combats this negative stigma by being an active member of the local communities and sponsoring different sports. By sponsoring Consol Energy Center and using the company’s resources to show how much Consol cares impacts their overall image greatly. While sponsorship, like the hockey arena, may be beneficial branding I am not so sure that Consol has mastered the concept completely of good branding and bad branding ideas. For example when Consol opted to pay for a senator’s Super Bowl trip this may not have been the wisest sponsorship idea. While the free trip was allowed ethically by the Pennsylvania rules it was a questionable decision. I think that it might have dirtied their brand image that they have worked so hard to improve.
By: Amiti Maloy

a href=”https://evadecalamity.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/reba-offi.jpg”&gt;Reba McEntire- Singer, Songwriter, actress, comedian. There is not much that Reba has attempted in life Reba has not excelled on…or used to skillfully enhance her brand. Reba debuted in the music industry in 1976. Reba’s big break was singing the national anthem at National Rodeo finals in 1974. A recording of this single song was hear by a Capital Records recording artist named Red Steagall. At the start of her career, Reba was popular country singer while Country music was in the lime light. Reba was considered “from the mid-1980s until the late 1990s, she was clearly the dominant female presence in the country format” ( ). During this entire time Reba was developing a her brand image so by the time that country music and general music trends were changing she already had expanded <her brand beyond music to community service and acting. Additionally the singer’s voice was the key marketing sound for Mercedes Benz. This pairing was mutually beneficial and it allowed Reba to permeate the mind further. She is a wonderful singer, actress, and brand manager for herself otherwise Reba would not still be a household name and so popular after thirty-five years. By: Amiti Maloy
Reba McEntire- Biography (2011). CMT. http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/mcentire_reba/bio.jhtmlReba McEntire:The official Site. http://www.rebanet.com/news/Newsarticle.asp?idnewsarticle=572

Even before I ever attended a Lady GaGa concert I was in awe of this artist’s marketing genius. I have always enjoyed her music and been impressed with her ability to attract such a diverse and dedicated following. Currently she has over 29 million “likes” on Facebook alone. By age twenty-three she already had almost 3 million Twitter followers. That is impressive. Although I have been to many concerts I can say that Lady GaGa fans are very committed not just her music but everything that she branded herself as being from styles to values.

How does GaGa do it? She is always staying not only current but ahead of the trends when it comes to marketing. For example, Lady GaGa’s facebook page is very active. Lady GaGa uploads video, photos, and continually posts “updates” which appear on all of her fans news feeds. She interacts similarly with her Twitter account. These constant interactions keep Lady GaGa in the forefront of conversation as well as the minds of the people reading. YouTube is another strategy that GaGa employs to have a viral effect with her music. Social media has played a massive role in the marketing and success of Lady GaGa. She understands the importance of making marketing interactive. With every post she received tons of feedback from the audience. Even during her show she actually calls a random audience member and talks to them. Their face is plastered on the screens for everyone to see and hear. She uses this opportunity to describe one of her favorite charities as well as to plug Virgin Mobile for their dedication to helping her by donating to twenty-thousand dollars at every concert to charity. This is a great example of how much of a marketing genius Lady GaGa really is. She has figured out a way to plug a charity, build awareness, develop a relationship with the audience, and raise funds for her charity all in a one or two minute conversation. Talk about multitasking!!!!

From a marketing and branding stand point attending a Lady GaGa concert is very educational and worth the money. If you like her music or want to be inspired then you are in for a real treat.

By: Amiti Maloy

Brand and the Band… Part I

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This is the first in a series of posts that will focus on marketing in a specific industry, the music industry. After attending a concert recently I became significantly more aware of how much of an impact the sponsor or the marketing team of the singer/band as well as the tour or venue plays in what the overall experience received by each person attending. Music is something that is often associated in the world of marketing with a clever jingle of a funny melody that becomes ingrained in a person’s head. However it can be some much more. The lyrics, the tempo, even the persona of the singer can lend credence to the product being sold. Why did Mercedes choose Reba Macintyre? Why does Virgin Mobile sponsor Lady GaGa? Why would a coal company buy an Arena or a newspaper own a pavilion? None of these marketing decisions are sheer coincidence. Each one was carefully thought about, crafted, and the brands have benefited from these partnerships. Music is contagious and addictive. It is much more than words and sounds. It is a way to revolutionize a brand.
By: Amiti Maloy

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